Global AR Localization

Developer Kits for Mobile Apps, Web & Beyond

Native iOS & Android Integration

Enabling cross-platform device to device connectivity so your users can easily find each other, save/share location markers & easily deploy custom wayfinding content.

Turn-Key Software

Build your iOS & Android native apps with FlaregunAR functionality built in. Simply choose the SDK components that you wish to deploy & design your interface.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Designed to scale for enterprise & provides practical solutions to cloud dependency using our 100% proprietary localization engine with no hidden costs per-instance fees.

Consumer Data Insight 

Data & customer insights are valuable tools to help improve customer experience. Flaregun can provide traffic flow, gaze tracking, realtime consumer engagement & more.

Powerful AR Mapping & Data Capabilities

 Flaregun's 100% proprietary technology is free from 3rd party dependencies 

AR/VR Ad Units

Deploy click-thru digital inventory anywhere with verifiable engagement & deep consumer insights

Fast Integration

Flaregun AR includes everything you need to get started building your native iOS or Android project. Simply sign up, download the Flaregun AR SDK & integrate into your app now.

Simple Deployment

Our example projects & GUI templates will guide you through designing & deploying in your app with clear installation instructions & documentation.

Powerful Metrics

Sign in to Flaregun SDK & go to the control panel for your app to view data metrics & user behavior. Customer insights are valuable tools to help evolve your app experience.

Connect Your Digital Content to The Physical World

Flaregun's Global AR positioning works even in off line locations without network access.

Got Questions?

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