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Building for the New World

While our beloved live event space regroups, we are reworking our next generation of location-based visual communication tools designed for our new reality. Until we safely meet again and eventually reconnect with our favorite communities, keep your heads up. This will pass.

Flaregun visually connects people device-to-device thru any smartphone camera with digital geo-located content. 

Turning the internet outward into the physical world

Patented Proprietary AR Mapping & Visual Communication Systems

An enterprise engagement & pedestrian's navigation tool for locating people & places in realtime 3D space using smartphone cameras without using AR Kit & AR Core.


People Finder Kit

Cross-platform location sharing made easy & visual

Users share a location or request someone's location. A sharelink is copied to user clipboard to paste into any message. The recipient clicks the sharelink and scans around with camera to see Profile Marker in 3D AR airspace. The Marker with distance is a real-time wayfinding guide.

Location Map Kit

100% independent AR wayfinding system

Geo-tag important locations, like dropping a pin but in AR Airspace. Even with zero network, our system still works. The Kit gives you two preset tags: Parking & Meet Up and a custom Label Maker. Name any number of places.
Users can SHARE ALL saved tags in one link.

Public Forum Kit

A location-based public commentary forum

A Public Commentary Forum where users can post comments in dialogue bubbles above their user profile picture in 3D AR Airspace. Comments are visible to all users. Users can post & share photos at their locations. Flaregun has a filter for coarse language that can be customized.

Geo Ad Kit

2D AR ads in 3D airspace with click-thru

Flaregun AR ultimately opens new digital real estate for Online & Out-of-Home advertisers thru AR geo-location system creating a broader canvas for brands and enterprises to engage consumers by extending graphical assets to any location.


During times of systemic disruption, smartphones are often someone’s only lifeline.
When cellular networks fail, most mobile applications fail as well, hindering safety and response efforts with potentially life and death consequences.  Even in zero visibility, AR markers with direction & distance are in sight to follow.

Camera-Based Location Management Systems

Flaregun provides global wayfinding and emergency management solutions without the need for network connectivity and is especially effective after hurricane events and in zero visibility conditions such as rain/snow/sand/dust storms, fog, darkness, etc. 

Rapid White Label Prototyping

We have been building the Metaverse for years. White Out Kit 2019 demonstates offline camera navigation system at Burning Man, Black Rock City. We miss BRC.

The system allows real-time distribution and engagement of important location-based information in digital form. 

Deliver Branded Apps

Create cross-platform device to device wayfinding apps so your users can easily find each other find, save & share location markers & custom Ad Units.

Integrate Native SDK

Integrate your iOS & Android native apps with FlaregunAR functionality built in. Simply choose the SDK components to deploy & design your interface.

Own Your Data

Flaregun flips the data ownership script with realtime and off-line consumer insight, verifiable content engagement, anonymous data & more.

Fix Your Fees

Designed for enterprise to provide practical solutions to cloud dependent platforms thru our 100% proprietary localization engine without unknown per-instance fees.

Collaborate with us. 

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